Digital Egg Hunt

An entertaining real-world game that anyone can play by printing fun colorful eggs with QR codes on them and hiding them around a house or any location.  Each code is unique and when scanned the egg hunter can collect points, raffle tickets, candy, or prizes.  Be careful as there are bad eggs as well that will take points off.  Once you scan the start egg you’ll have a specific amount of time to find as many as you can.   When the timer ends click your basket to see what you have collected.


QR (Quick Response) codes are images that contain data. When playing one of our games, scanning these codes will unlock points, prizes, and even challenges depending on the game you are playing. All games need a host to set up the game for others to play.

  • Unlimitd Players – Fun for 1 or hundreds of poeple

  • Cross Platfrom – Works on iOS and Android devices
  • Can be Virtual – Post the QR codes online to play remote

  • Cutomizable – Set your own time to play
  • Branding – Brand with company logos

  • Anti-cheating – We thought of it all


QR Gamez has no limit on how many people can participate.  If you’re planning an Easter egg hunt, don’t worry about all the eggs being collected by just a few kids.  With QR codes now every kid has the ability to find more eggs and have more fun.  This is because they don’t physically collect them.


“I used to use pen and pencil for my scavenger hunts. Now with Scan Quest, we save money, can have more people playing, get instance branded images, quickly count the winners, without people compiling that some have cheated.”

“Just wow! We host scavenger hunts all over New York City and this has made it not only easier for me as an organizer, but easier for the players having it on their phones with some features I couldn’t even offer without it.”

“We turned our Easter Egg hunt from 100 people to 500.  People had more fun and it was MUCH easier to organize since we could reuse the eggs with QR codes for multiple groups in the same day”