Dedicated to creating fun engaging games that allow people to network, get out, have fun, all while using QR codes.  Our backgrounds in social event planning and technology allow us to design games that are more than just points on a screen.

Our story begins in 2009 when Will the Co-CEO hosted Easter Egg hunts that grow in size from 100 to over 500 people.  The time it took to build physical eggs, put them all around, and manage hundreds of people running around at the same time was painful.  “There has to be a better way”.

Tim Co-CEO built the first easter egg hunt for BlackBerry, iOS, and Android that allowed Will to host even larger games leveraging QR Codes.  This was perfect as it reduced costs, increased capacity, and was much easier to organize.  This app was called “Scan-Quest”.

That app continued to grow as other scavenger hunt companies used it, into something much more powerful than an Easter Egg hunt to find eggs.  Then with Covid in 2021 and touchless events being the new “normal”, the thought to design a dedicated Easter Egg hunt.

QR stands for “Quick Response”; this is a code that anyone can create that will do something when scanned with a phone.  Today, all phones native camera once it recognizes the code will pop up a message to tap on it.  The code can take you to a webpage, download a file, add a contact, setup a wifi, and much more.   We build special codes that tell our apps to do something special when it’s scanned.   Anyone that scans our QR codes not playing the game, will just see gibberish.

The apps are built for organizations, event planners, group of friends, or parents who want to put together a game that isn’t 100% just looking at your phone, but has to search around to answer questions, do activities, draw, scan, or simply take a picture of something to gain points.

This is a great family fun game that you can do with kids by printing out these codes around your house and having your kids search for them.  They have a specific amount of time and you can give the one who finds the most something special like an ice cream sandwich.

Corporate clients love using our games for team building.  This could be a scavenger hunt in their office, park or even online.

Event Planners
If you throw events, building an Easter Egg Hunt or Scavenger hunt couldn’t be easier.   You’ll just need to print out the codes hide them and charge people for the event.

Depending on the game you want to play, you can use our portal to create a full game that is unique OR choose from one of our generic games.  All you’ll need to do is print out the codes and hide them.


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