An entertaining real-world game that anyone can play by printing fun colorful eggs with QR codes on them and hiding them around a house or any location.  Each code is unique and when scanned the egg hunter can collect points, raffle tickets, candy, or prizes.  Be careful as there are bad eggs as well that will take points off.  Once you scan the start egg you’ll have a specific amount of time to find as many as you can.   When the timer ends click your basket to see what you have collected.


Scan Quest is a versatile scavenger hunt app that can be used by anyone to create custom scavenger hunts with a wide range of challenges.    The organizer creates the hunt by logging into the portal and selecting from one of the following items that create QR codes to be scanned OR will automatically download to the device: Action items include: Photo Challenge, drawing, trivia, Actions, and geo-location check ins.  Scanning codes can also gain prizes, and points.

The app can be branded with your company logo or kids face for their birthday.  All images taken can be branded and are uploaded to the approval dashboard.  There is on and offline scoring that can be done.


We are here to help you plan your next QR Game.   We are always open to hearing your suggestions to making our gamez better as well.


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